Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stardate 60184.82 - Back From Virginia

So now we are back from Virginia, although I had to go to McLean for the day Tuesday and I have to fly to Norfolk for the day tomorrow (Thursday), so I have not had much time to get anything posted. I'll have to ask Jessica if she sees a drop in traffic if a few days go by without a post. The picture above is of Loren at the airport, and she does smile like me (eyes vanish). Here is a picture of me as a baby to compare to Loren to see if she does indeed look like me.

Here is a picture of Nanna with Loren Saturday morning.

And here is Kracker with Loren Sunday morning, before we got packed up and headed back to Richmond.

Here is Loren in her special outfit from Nanna and Kracker before she got too hot and we had to strip her down.

Here is her cousin Zack (my sister's son) holding her.

Here is Great Uncle Bill with Loren. She almost fell asleep while he was carrying her around, but he made the fatal mistake of sitting down before she was completely hard asleep. She likes her motion when she is awake, and even when falling asleep!

And here is Bill's wife, Great Aunt Susan with Loren. (I love adding "Great" in front of Uncle and Aunt when referring to everyone now...makes it seem like they should be in their 80s or something).

Here is Great Aunt Lucy with Loren.

We don't own an Exersaucer but we may have to see if crazy "aunt" Denise will permit us to borrow one of the 2 that she has at her house. Loren stayed entertained longer than we have ever seen her do so before with a single "activity".

She slept the whole way back to Richmond in the car Sunday, and slept the whole way back on the plane and even stayed asleep for the Taxi ride home on Monday. Other than a minor incident on Saturday right as people arrived (exacerbated by giving her a bath right before) when she got super cranky, she was pretty good on this trip. It was nice to see everyone, but we did do a lot of travel back and forth between Richmond and Verona. We may need to park in one location next time.



JamesF said...

Good to see you're back and safe.

And if want an activity for Loren to do and stay focused on, try this. Give her a magazine and let her destroy it. I recall that would keep Quinn entertained for a good while (you just have to watch to make sure they don't eat the paper).

JC said...

She has that problem about closing her eyes when she gets a picture taken like her aunt Jen :) Good to see some new pics!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

JC - I think yours are actually closed, where mine are more squinty.

James - She seems to lose interest in everything pretty quickly. Cheryl has given her magazines to play with, but she gets bored with it before tearing it up too much.

JamesF said...

Sounds like that girl needs some ritalin. (j/k)