Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stardate 60243.83 - Checkup

So I have not been to a doctor in more than 4 years. When our pediatrician asked for some medical history on me and Cheryl, and I told her that my grandfathers both died of heart issues and that my Dad had a quadruple bypass at age 50, she strongly suggested that I get a physical - or at least a check-up. So she gave me a recommendation as to a general practicioner.

One of the problems in moving to a new place and having no-one here that you know is that getting recommendations so that you can select a "preferred provider" is difficult. I picked some random person off the insurance web-site from the hundreds and hundreds on the list and then promptly forgot about it. But now I have a new preferred provider and have had my first check up.

I am well.

He found no problems with anything in the exam or the EKG they ran. They also got some blood and urine ("Can you fill this?" Beat. "Not from here."). They will call me today if there are any issues, and I am free to call them to see what the results were. I will probably do that, if only to get my cholesterol level. But the bottom line is that I appear to be healthy, other than the fact that I am getting over this small cold I caught last week.

UPDATE: My cholesterol was 194. When I was tested back in college (15 years ago) it was 164 so I guess I'm slowly getting worse, but 194 is not bad. Of course, we did have shrimp the night before I went, so maybe that impacted the number.


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BullBunky said...

Well, you certainly get a prize. Of the blogs I read, you're the FIRST to mention blood and urine. Nice going.