Friday, March 10, 2006

Stardate 60189.78 - Lovely Spring Day

It is a georgeous spring day here in NYC, with temperatures around 72. We've had the windows open in the apartment since about mid-day, and Cheryl has been out all afternoon with Loren on a couple of long to buy some stuff and another with the group of mothers from her classes at the "Y".

I am really longing for spring now that its taste is on the air. I'm sitting at my desk with a nice light breeze blowing in the windows and it really feels like spring.

Oh, and I forgot to give a weight update on Loren from group earlier this week - she was 14 pounds.



BullBunky said...

Where is the applause when I gain a pound? :(

Oh, I'm just silly this afternoon. NOT a spring day here in SF!

-s said...

Snowed here in Salem again today! It also rained, hailed, sleeting, and the sun came out for awhile. The view from the kid's changing pad is many snow-covered mountains.

-s said...

Dur, sleeted.