Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stardate 60236.36 - Loren's Second Day at Daycare

Don't worry, I won't give a day-by-day accounting of Loren's activities at daycare, but James asked how things went, so I thought I'd post a quick update this morning as we are getting ready for day two at daycare.

She got a "Mood: Happy" check on her daily report (already getting scored at school), and they managed to get her to take a 2 hour nap in the morning by using the swing. She took her standard couple of 20 minute naps in the afternoon. Cheryl went over and fed her at lunch, and Loren was a little grumpy about taking a bottle from her teacher, so she only had about 3oz from the nearly 10oz that Cheryl dropped off in the morning (just in case!).

We have a family activity this Friday at the daycare center and we are supposed to bring food "from our country". I guess we'll bring hot dogs and Cheeze-Whiz. We also have to make a family flag. I wanted to use the Kingdom of the Bloodstone Lands flag, but Cheryl said she didn't want to have to explain my D&D hobby to all the other parents the first time we meet them.

Loren was back up around 0545 this morning, but we got her to hold off until nearly 0630 for her breakfast, which puts her feedings back on the schedule Cheryl wanted.

We'll see if Loren is "Mood: Happy" again today. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon (haven't had a check-up in 4+ years and got lectured by our pediatrician about needing a physical, especially considering all the heart issues in my family), so I may be picking up Loren on my own afterwards.

And as far as she told me, there was no hysterical sobbing on Cheryl's part yesterday. There was a lot on my part, but that was due to the amount of overload I am experiencing at work, and not putting Loren in daycare. :-)



BullBunky said...

Well, first off, CLEARLY your day care hired a consultant. Geez, if I got a scorecard of my mood each day... What are the categories?

Second, I think you should make Mamaw's Dip!! That's ethnic.

Finally, for your family flag, I think it should just be a white flag with a closeup of Squirt's face with the big pupils :)

CAPT_Sawyer said...



You are mostly “other”.