Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stardate 60230.84 - Brunch With the Cousins

So you may remember that my cousin Angelique came to visit last month. On Saturday, we went to her and Laurence's house in Croton-on-Hudson (satellite view on the left) to visit with them and their children, Kaya and Van, for brunch. Angelique's sister (and also my cousin, obviously) Erinne and her husband Niall and their children Alex, Maeve, and Cian (and one on the way) also came over.

We had a great visit and tried to catch up - well, as much as you can with six children running around to watch (well, Loren wasn't exactly running around or moving under her own power much, but she did try out the bouncy-swing-chair). The weather, while not warm, was warmer than expected so some of the gang were able to play outside for part of the time.

For Steve's and Jen's benefit, we ate potatoes au gratin, ham, and asparagus. For James' benefit, we got up at 7, stopped at a couple of stores for baby items on the way, stayed about 3 hours, and watched no television. For Andy's benefit, we listened to no music. (If you read all of their blogs regularly, then this paragraph is funny.)


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