Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stardate 60204.09 - Community Board and Stuff

If you want an interesting way to spend a couple of hours, attend a community board meeting in Manhattan. Sloan Kettering tore down a theater across from 66th in front of our building and they are about to build a 15 story treatment center on the site. Well, they start digging a hole "soon" and then they start putting in steel in January 2007 and finish up around March 2009. Our balcony and all our south-facing windows provide an excellent view. I just spent two hours hearing people ask legitimate questions (how long will construction take), questions not applicable to me (why don't you take medicare?), and bizarre questions (can you move the HVAC equipment on the roof closer to 66th street so I'll get better light?). Of course, I live on the 13th floor, so the building will be three stories taller than my apartment. It will be off-set from the street a couple of times by the time it is level with my balcony, but still my view and light will be severely compromised. At least I don't own so I don't have to stay, but God, how I hate moving!

Oh, and way more important and with a much greater coolness factor - I made it into one of Jessica's posts on her site today. And the spell-checker thinks that by "Jessica's" I mean "cheesecake". You be the judge.

Now this post should make my readers happy who tell me my blog has turned into the all-Loren show!


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