Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stardate 60220.23 - Smooth Trip So Far

I know everyone is hoping for a huge rant about the injustices rained down upon me on my current trip, but so far things have been very smooth. I checked my reservation on-line, and it actually indicated that the hotel had a king room non-smoking ready for me. That was different from when I made my reservation and it said the room would "be assigned at check-in" and that I was not guaranteed my preferences.

But when I checked in, the Holiday Inn Select indeed had a non-smoking room with a king bed ready for me, they gave me a bottle of water and a pack of cookies, and they called me once I was settled in to make sure that everything was alright. The room even has a microwave and a small fridge. I snagged a bag of microwave popcorn (is there any other kind anymore?) from the office before I left so that was my dinner tonight.

In fact, the complaints I do have are very minor...the desk chair is a little too low for typing on the computer comfortably, the furniture is a little cheap and/or worn, the bottle of water was hot, and they put me in a handicapped room so the closet bar is pretty low and when I hang my pants lengthwise they drag on the floor. (But the advantage of having a handicapped room is that there is a lot of space.)

Last night Loren was up every 2 hours, so when she got up at 0330 I went ahead and got up once Cheryl had settled her back down and got my shower. So it has been a really, really long day for me. I plan to watch a little TV and then go to bed around 9 PM. I am going to get up and hit the gym in the morning as I am close enough to walk to work and it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. And I have no early morning meetings.

Norfolk, VA

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