Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stardate 60211.49 - Teething Pains, Perhaps?

Yes, Loren looks really cute here. But she was not so cute for 20 minutes while Cheryl was out for a hair cut and Loren screamed bloody murder. She had just gotten up from a nap, and she wouldn't take a bottle, so I just rocked her and bounced her a little in my arms. For 20 minutes. While she continued to scream.

Cheryl got her to eat once she got back and Loren's preferred food distribution method was available. But she has still been super cranky all afternoon. We think it may be teething pains, as she seems to want to bite down on the bottoms of aluminum caffeine-Free Diet Coke cans.

Anyway, Cheryl's parents and grandmother came in today to baby-sit and/or help Cheryl shop for clothes she'll need for work (she goes back in about a week). We decided to give Loren some Children's Tylenol and send her with the entire crew (sans me) on the shopping run. So its just me, the cats, and quiet in the apartment right now. I feel like I should dig out a computer game to play, or find a movie to watch, but all I want to do is sleep. Not sure if it was the teeth or not, but Loren was up a lot last night, and even more the night before.

Hopefully she'll nap in the stroller and be refreshed once they get back. Hopefully.

And for people tired of reading about Loren and longing for my complaints about travel, have no fear. I have to travel to Norfolk for part of next week and I'm sure things will not go my way. Whinny blog entries are sure to follow.


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