Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stardate 60250.06 - Bottle Woes

So it has been a bit of a hellish day. This has been Loren's first week in daycare, and she has not been good about taking a bottle from the daycare staff. They have only managed to get her to take 2-3 oz per day, and that has apparently involved a lot of work. She had been decent about taking the bottle when she was younger, but it became hit-or-miss with us last week. In hindsight, we probably should have made it a habit to give her a bottle more often.

Anyway, it became a problem this week as Loren would not eat and would just wait for Cheryl to get there at noon for her in-person lunchtime feeding, and then Loren would wait until 4 or 5 for Cheryl to get there to pick her up and giver her another in-person feeding. Cheryl thought briefly about just shifting her schedule and going down twice a day, but the daycare folks didn't like that idea - they want Loren to take a bottle. Which is important if Cheryl ever cannot get down there - they have to be able to feed her.

So the daycare gave us a couple of suggestions as to brand of nipples/bottles to use, and so we determined to try and get her to take bottles on Saturday at the times she would have to at daycare, to keep her on schedule. I think Cheryl ended up making at least four trips out to secure these various bottles and nipples over the past 3 days.

So anyway today became the Worst. Saturday. Ever.

We'll, maybe not ever, but it took us from about 9 this morning until 3 to get her to take and actually complete a bottle. And we tried what felt like 200 bottles and 500 nipples with her screaming at the sight of the bottle and continuing to scream while we placed the nipple in her mouth. She finally did take a bottle, but it has caused a lot of stress and frustration on all our parts. And we're not sure what tomorrow will bring.

In an effort to give Cheryl a break (i.e., nap) this afternoon I took Loren for a 45-minute stroller ride (I would have stayed out longer but she started crying in the stroller). I snapped these pictures with my phone while we were walking, pre-fussiness.

Loren has not napped much at all today, so perhaps she will sleep well tonight. Of course, we thought that about last night but she was up 3 times, once for 2 hours. So the lack of sleep has made us all a lot of fun today.



JamesF said...

I'm fairly certain is you're going to use that "Worst X ..." terminology you have to spell "ever" as "evar".

At least that's how the cool kids do it.

gingerf said...

I remember several days similar to this when I went back to work after C was born. I learned that I needed to not be anywhere near her or she would refuse a bottle. And as for figuring out what bottle she will take, I feel for you. We had to purchase several types as well. And it was never the "made for breastfeeding" type bottles that she liked. Go figure, the markeing is all wrong ;-)

It does get better though. C started eating probably the second week I was working.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

The craziest thing is, if I put the milk into a regular plastic cup, she will drink it from the cup. But her dexterity with the cup is pretty bad, and even with me helping a lot ends up on her shirt. But she wants to drink from the cup. She reaches for it, pulls the rim to her mouth, and starts sucking motions. But add a nipple, and all bets are off.