Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stardate 60251.62 - Bottle Better

So today we had a bit of a fight with Loren and the bottle this morning, but it went better. Then it was such a beautiful day that we decided to go to Costco. There I tried to use a check to pay for our groceries, but the cost was high enough that they had to "confirm" it or something. By the way, Costco has made it progressively more of a pain in the ass to actually pay for their goods. They used to take Discover but then switched to American Express. Well, my only AmEx is a Corporate Card and we're not supposed to use that for personal stuff, even though the bill comes to me and I have to pay it. Another stupid rule that makes no sense.

I'm constantly surrounded by stupidity.

Anyway, Costco asked for my Virginia license since I used it to open the account. "Yes," I said, "I used that license 14 years ago when I opened my account, but surprise! I've moved in the last 14 years and I've lived in NY now for more than 4 years." Apparently I have to know to go to customer service whenever I move to a different state and re-register my license with the Costco account - or so they told me. I told the guy that was the first I had heard of that requirement. He didn't seem to care, but he took my check.


After a quick lunch we went out to the park (photo above) along with every other person living or undead in Manhattan. The crowds plus the Greek Pride Parade tying up part of Fifth Ave made it dicey to get into and around in the park.

Anyway, we came back and I took a bottle from the fridge and while holding Loren set it on her knee. She reached for it with both hands, pulled it to her mouth and began to drink! And proceeded to almost complete it! So perhaps, maybe, one can hope, the battle over the bottle is close to over. We'll see how it goes at daycare tomorrow.


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