Monday, April 10, 2006

Stardate 60273.19 - Touch Your Toes!

Loren has recently begun sticking her feet into her mouth. She does it a lot when we are changing her, and she is always grabbing her feet when she is sitting around.

Amazingly, Loren actually slept from around 8 PM until I got into bed at 10 PM last night without waking up. And although she was up again at about 11:30 PM she did sleep until 4 AM before she woke up again. And during most of these Cheryl is able to get her to go back to sleep with either a little feeding or whispering.

She slept in her crib at daycare for the first time today. It took 5 minutes of crying and her mobile, but she went to sleep in her crib. And she took her bottle pretty well this morning - she just likes to drink in shifts.

Anyway, Cheryl is on the way home with her now, and Loren turns 5 months tomorrow!


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-s said...

Better in the mouth while changing the diaper than in the poop :). Just wait until she starts kicking!