Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stardate 60327.13 - GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

After being cooped up in the apartment for 3 straight days with sick baby (and by the last day, sick Curt), we needed to get out of the apartment. So we got the car out for a trip out of the city.
We went to Sandy Hook, NJ which is actually a national park. There we met up with Cheryl's parents and later her Grandmother for a seafood dinner.
The weather was nice, although a little windy at the beach. You could see pretty clearly into Manhattan.
It was, by the way, Loren's first trip to the beach.

She immediately tried to eat the sand.

I've heard of adding fiber to your diet, but that is a little overboard! It was a nice trip, and after getting on each other's last nerve it was a much needed break from being trapped with a feverish baby in the apartment.

Today we'll depress ourselves by wandering through some open houses for more apartments we cannot afford.


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JamesF said...

Our neighbor is moving out, you could probably afford a place here.

Although from previous conversations on the topic I know you feel pretty tied to the NY area.