Monday, April 24, 2006

Stardate 60312.30 - Rain and Buses Don't Mix

So Cheryl made her triumphant return to the gym today, having joined the New York Health & Racquet Club as a spouse on my corporate discounted membership. Loren got up at 0500 or so, and I finally took her out to the living room at 0530 so Cheryl could catch another 30 minutes of sleep (not that she was able to). So we were on schedule to get to the gym by 0730. And by the time we got going and got Loren dropped off at day care, it was 0730 when we got to the gym.

Cheryl left the gym a little before 0830 having showered and headed to work. I left the gym at 0830, which is normally when I start work, but I figured a quick trip on the M103 up Third Avenue and I'd be home in time to start by 0900, and I'd just shower over lunch.

Well, things did not work out as planned. First, I waited 20 minutes for a bus to show up. Sure, three express buses (which don't stop at the gym's cross-street) passed us by during that time, but no M103 regulars.

One finally came. We moved pretty quickly up Third until around 56th. Then we dragged to a crawl, both due to traffic and due to the large quantity of people waiting at each stop to get onto the bus. Finally tired of hearing, "Everyone has to move back!" I ditched the damn bus at 63rd street and walked the rest of the way home. In the pouring rain. Oh, did I mention that while it was dry as a bone when we went into the gym, it was pouring (with lightning and thunder) when I came out? Well, it was. And I had no umbrella because I figured I'd only have to walk a block or two because I'd be on the damn bus.

To make a long story even longer, I got home at 0925. Almost an hour after I left the gym. If I had walked the entire way, I would have been home by 0900.

And now my back and neck are sore and I'm thinking I may have over-done it a bit with the weights. Great.



JamesF said...

Woo Hoo! The complaining / ranting posts have returned! All is well with the world.

OT: What's with the Test updates?

-s said...

Were you then held up by a thief who only wanted your new Manolos?

Rick Anderson said...

The joys of living in the city!