Friday, April 14, 2006

Stardate 60285.81 - Easter Weekend Update

So here was my view from the USAirways Dash-8 that I was on upon arriving at LGA Thursday afternoon. I was originally on the 7:10 PM, but got onto the 12 noon flight, which actually left at 4PM. I showed up at the airport at 3 PM, so it worked out for me, but for the people who originally got there in time for a noon departure, they were pissed.

Can I just say that a lesson I have learned in life is that you don't yell at people who control a) if you get on a plane or not; and b) what seat you will have if you do. I never understood people who yell at airline employees at the counter. Even if your flight is delayed, you "catch more flies with honey than you do with flypaper" as the saying goes. I was very nice to the lady behind the counter, and I got onto the flight at no additional charge. I was nice, and she took care of me. I was pretty sure the guy getting angry was not going to get onto the plane...and he almost didn't...but she got him a seat at the last second. Perhaps if he had been nicer, it would have happened sooner.

I didn't write anything from my trip to McLean (Tue-Wed) or my trip to Norfolk (Thur) because they were pretty uneventful. But that meant that 4 days went by with no updates from me, and I'm sure my massive audience was getting disappointed at the lack of news.

This post should therefore satisfy the people who want to see Loren, as well as the people who want to hear about my every trip. So now that I am done with some trip updates, here is another photo of Loren. Like me, she apparently likes her peas. Note the peas above her eye and on the high-chair behind her left shoulder. She is a bit of a messy eater.


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