Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stardate 60257.35 - Drink Milk?

So we think we have it figured out with Loren and the bottle. Apparently, if it is not coming from the breast then Loren prefers her milk cold. At daycare yesterday they were again having problems getting her to take a bottle, and Cheryl came at lunch determined to show them that Loren would indeed take a bottle. But Cheryl also had issues with the warm bottle. So Cheryl switched over to a cold one, and Loren took it with no problem.

Like her daddy, she prefers her beverages cold. Only tea and coffee should be warm, everything else should be ice cold. Ok, there are a couple of exceptions. British Ale is fine cool, and fine white wine is more flavorful closer to cool than to cold.

But bottom line - she took just as well to the bottle in the afternoon as she does here at home. So we've cracked the code (maybe!).

We've all been feeling a bit run down these past couple of days, and that hasn't helped any. Loren took a 2-hour nap yesterday morning at daycare, which she hardly ever does. Cheryl is exhausted and I'm pretty tired as well.

UPDATE: Loren took her cold milk bottle from the daycare personnel today with no screaming and no problem.

I did go to a Virginia Tech NY Alumni Association meeting last night. I participated a little more last year before Loren was born, but haven't been to an event in almost 5 months. Most everyone was parked there for the long haul, but I knew that Cheryl and Loren were not at 100% so I stayed an hour and a half and once the meeting proper was over I split for home and was in bed before 10 PM. Yes, I am lame.

Anyway, we are planning a charity fundraiser but events are still being finalized. I'll post a link once the event web site goes up.


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