Saturday, January 26, 2008

Catching up

Here are a few photos from last weekend. They kind of got forgotten in the midst of all the vacation posts.

Loren has started Tumble Tots on Saturday mornings at Asphalt Green, an athletic complex up on 90th St. Loren loves to turn anything -- curb, retaining wall, etc. -- into a balance beam, so I figured it was time to let her try out the real stuff. She loves it, especially the trampoline, balance beams and bars... although following the teacher's directions is not her strong suit. She is there to use the equipment, and doesn't want to waste her time doing boring warm-up exercises.

Here Loren and I use the small trampoline.

She also learned to roll down the wedge-shaped mat. She has been practicing her rolling on the living room floor this week.

On Sunday, we went out to Forest Hills, Queens for a birthday party. Here I managed to capture a picture of Loren and the birthday girl, Arisa, on a trike.

After the party, we went for dinner at my friend (and now boss!) Francois's house nearby.

Today we had a low-key day of gymnastics and a Costco trip. Tomorrow we are off to upstate NY to visit our friends Denise and Greg.

And here's one funny story from tonight. We were eating leftovers out of the fridge and Curt heated up a small piece of steak that we broiled a few nights ago. When he sat down at the table, Loren looked over at his plate and her eyes lit up: "Chocolate!!" We have clearly been giving her too many desserts lately. We explained that it was beef and she gamely tried a bite, but it was not what she was looking for.


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