Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stardate 62058.14 - Vacation, Day Eight

On Friday morning we left Jost van Dyke and headed over to St. John to check back into the US, but first we stopped at Sandy Cay so I could practice anchoring. Sandy Cay is a small, uninhabited island near Jost van Dyke. After we anchored, Cheryl, Loren, and I went ashore with the dinghy. We thought we'd explore and sit on the beach, but the surf was pretty heavy and we had to keep an eye on the dinghy, which kept breaking its anchor out of the sand and trying to escape back into the ocean. Here is a picture from the beach, looking back at Jost van Dyke.

We then went to Caneel Bay on St. John, and since it was raining Thomas thought we could go ashore at the resort there and then take a taxi over to Cruz Bay to check into the US. We found out that until we cleared immigrations and customs, however, we could not go ashore there and we had to take the dinghy around the point (a 10 minute ride) and into Cruz Bay and had to go directly to immigrations/customs. We also thought that we (Thomas and I) could check in for everyone, as long as we carried their passports. But the friendly border control folks told us that everyone from the boat had to pass through passport control in person. By this time it was pouring rain, and the office was closing in an hour. Thomas and I found out that the office opened at 0630 the following morning, waited until the rain was light, and went to pick up dinner for everyone. When we got back to the boat the office had closed, so we had dinner on the boat and decided the rest of the crew would clear in the following morning. That meant that we were on the boat for the sunset that evening.

P.S. Loren came down with the croup Sunday night, so we had to keep her home Monday and take her to the doctor so that is why we didn't post anything yesterday. She was much improved Monday during the day, and seems fine this morning but we are keeping her out of school one more day. There are just a couple of vacation posts left!

Vacation Day Nine


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