Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stardate 62059.66 - Vacation, Day Nine

We turned the boat back in at 1000 and after a quick brunch I took my ASA exam while the iguanas watched, scoring a 92.

Betty left for her hotel first, and once my exam was done Thomas and Wei left for theirs. Cheryl, Loren, and I hung around for Loren to nap and then took a taxi to our hotel, The Green Iguana, which was high up on a hill next to Blackbeard's Castle. The hotel didn't have a pool, and it was way away from the beach, but for a single night essentially just waiting for our flight the next day it was fine (and cheap!). It did have either Dish Network or DirecTV (cannot remember which) so we caught up on the news while Loren watched some Dora and we all enjoyed the air conditioning. Here is the view from our balcony.

After showering and just sitting around for a while, we climbed down the 99 steps into Charlotte Amalie. Much to our surprise, the town shuts down on Saturday at 5 PM, presumably because the cruise ships leave at that time.

We walked around the virtual ghost town for a while, then went to Cuzzin's for a very early dinner. Because we had eaten a late lunch during Loren's nap, and because there was nothing to do downtown so we'd arrived at the restaurant very early, we were not too hungry which was too bad, because the food was pretty good.

We took a taxi back to the hotel and slept for a solid 10 hours that night.

Vacation Day Ten


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