Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stardate 62053.17 - Vacation, Day Seven

On Thursday Thomas, Cheryl, Loren, and I went to the restaurant and had a buffet breakfast at the Bitter End Yacht Club. It was a pretty good breakfast, even though it rained on us.

We even spotted a rainbow!

Here are some shots of Loren watching Dora down below.

Afterwards, we casted off and headed out on a long sail (which turned into a long motor) from Virgin Gorda to Jost van Dyke. Here is Thomas, checking our GPS waypoints. The last couple of days we had minimum wind, as the trades slowed down due to some one-off weather pattern.

There was nothing but ocean to the north of us as we traveled along the north coast of Tortola. Thomas told us it was a straight shot to Newport, RI.

Finally we made it to Little Harbor (our last stop in the BVIs), although getting in was a little interesting because the buoys were missing that were supposed to mark the channel into the harbor. Luckily we could see where the water color changed and could also see waves breaking so we knew what to avoid as we entered the harbor.

Cheryl and Thomas later walked up this road and took some pictures back into the harbor.

That's our boat, Ocean Spirit! Wei, Betty, Loren, and I were all still on the boat when Cheryl was taking this pictures.

Our boat is the one in the center.

Cheryl and Thomas ran into many goats on and off the road.

Loren, Cheryl, and I went ashore later to pick a restaurant. Here I tie a round turn with two half-hitches to secure the dinghy to the dock.

The restaurant experience was horrible. The food was just ok, and the service was the worst of the entire trip. We had reservations for 7 PM, and I think it was nearly 8 before we even saw a menu. It rained on us (this time we had remembered to close the hatches), which meant that Loren was confined to the restaurant and couldn't run around on the beach. By the time the food arrived it was closing in on 9 PM and Loren was very tired and bored and had a biting incident which prompted me to whisk her off and threaten to take her back to the boat without Mommy. We ordered a second round of drinks that never arrived, and they grossly overcharged Thomas for his meal (Wei caught the error and had it corrected). There were also a powerboat couple there who could have been in the dictionary beside the entry "ugly American". They were drunk, rude, condescending to the natives, loud, and crass. We were glad when they left.

Vacation Day Eight


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