Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stardate 62043.31 - Vacation, Day Three

Saturday night we were a little annoyed by a powerboat on a mooring near us who kept their generator running all night - probably to power their A/C and/or television. Luckily it was a mild annoyance while topside, and we couldn't really hear it once we were below decks.

Sunday morning the rain came in waves. We'd have blue sky for 10-15 minutes, then rain for 10-15 minutes. After breakfast on the boat, we really wanted to take Loren to shore to play on the little beach but we kept getting caught by waves of rain. We toughed it out for a half hour or so while the rest of the crew went snorkeling, but finally we couldn't take it any more and they picked us up.

We motored the 1 nautical mile or so over to Soper's Hole in Tortola to clear into/out of the British Virgin Islands, during which Loren and Cheryl spent lots of time in the parking lot looking at the local chickens while we went to three different counters and filed paperwork with three different people to get us and the boat into the BVIs from the USVIs. Luckily, we could get the visas and clear into and out of the BVIs with this one stop, although clearing back into the USVIs would also prove time-consuming and somewhat painful.

Due to the continued waves of rain sweeping through we ended up just staying in Sopher's Hole all night. They had a Pusser's Landing where we ate lunch (except for Cheryl who stayed on the boat for Loren's nap), and for dinner Loren, Cheryl, and I took the dinghy and motored across the bay to the Jolly Roger. This was the first of many restaurants where being on "island time" means slow service, although the absolute worst experience was yet to come. You'll have to keep reading the entries for the rest of the week to hear about that horrific experience.

Vacation Day Four


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