Friday, January 18, 2008

Stardate 62047.26 - Vacation, Day Four

Monday we went to Cheryl's favorite spot of the entire vacation - Norman Island (also called Treasure Island). From the link, Norman Island is described thusly: "Legend plays a large part in the history of Norman Island with tales of pirates and treasure caves, although the role of the island as the model for the epic “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson is perhaps the most famous legend of all. While the island is now uninhabited, farmers have in the past reared cattle there and today the Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the islands."

We told Loren we were going to "Treasure Island" and to this day she still talks about "not finding a treasure chest" on Treasure Island. We did, however, purchase her a pirate flag (pink!) at the little store on the Island. They also had a nice little beach, so Loren really liked going ashore in the dinghy and walking around.

Here is our sailboat, but looking a little tacky with our towels drying on the rails. Cheryl, Betty, Thomas, and Wei went to the caves to snorkel while I stayed on the boat for Loren's nap. the snorkeling was so amazing, that when they got back Cheryl insisted that I go with Thomas and Wei back to the Caves and it indeed was pretty amazing (and my first snorkeling adventure!).

After all the snorkeling we got in the dinghy and went ashore to Pirates Bight for dinner.

Loren and Dora explored the beach (again) while we waited through the end of Happy Hour for the dinner hour to start.

Here I am, along with Betty, Thomas, and Wei.

The next morning we prepared to depart Norman Island for our next destination.

Our last view back to the Pirates Bight restaurant before we left for the next stop.

Vacation Day Five


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