Friday, February 09, 2007

Stardate 61110.34 - Everything Greyfeather

Regular readers know I am a pretty big fan of Jessica Stover. In fact, I've given at least 3 copies of her first book, Aidmheil, away as gifts. In that first book there was a piece of a story called Greyfeather. She has expanded that story and published it in another small book. As of Friday night, February 9th, there are only 9 copies left. So if you enjoyed Aidmheil, you have a very, very short amount of time to order the second book. If you never purchased or read Aidmheil, you can still get copies of that book and you can read my review here.

When she's too famous to return my e-mails you'll be sorry you didn't get a copy of her books now. Don't act, and years from now when Aidmheil costs $100k on E-bay I'll be saying, "I told you so!"




Trailing Male said...

One less, now. :-)

As an aspiring writer myself, I like to do my part to support others. I also collect, though not seriously, signed books.

Curt Sawyer said...

Thanks for supporting Jessica!