Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stardate 59962.97 - Review of Aidmheil

Review of Aidmheil,
Mine will be set to Haiku.
Truly a great read.

Scottish luck prevailed.
Buyer number one
received a rare gift indeed.

Could never write it,
poetry in any way.
Admire those who do.

Dust, Wind, and Stone was
lonely, bleak, and uplifting.
I drank Zima, too.

Fiction skills displayed,
Greyfeather was but a taste.
Is there more to come?

Revenge of the nerds
among the first entries read.
Classic humor – fun.

Journal conveys much.
Witness to your awesomeness,
constant and steady.

Review is over.
Remember that we believe,
Wingmen stand ready.

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