Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stardate 59971.1 - Some More Pictures

Cheryl purchased me a cool tripod for the camera for Christmas (since it arrived in an obvious B&H box, we didn't need to wait to open it). My gift to myself arrived also - the new video card. I put it in with absolutely no problems and it fired right up and I launched Everquest and was able to play the demo for about 20 minutes before our D&D game last night. So mission accomplished - I can now play modern (released in the last 2 years) games. Here are some shots we took with the tripod.

Andy should like the shirt I'm wearing. And I'm sure my hair is a fright. We are in the middle of the transit strike here in NYC so Cheryl and I both had to walk over 60 blocks yesterday, and pulling off a sweater does these things to your hair.


JamesF said...

Is that an old picture? Or does Cheryl really look that good after giving birth only 5 weeks ago?

And nice choice on the video card.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

It is a very recent picture. She is less than 10 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight right now.

She thanks you for the compliment!