Friday, December 09, 2005

Captain's Log Supplemental - Christmas Gift Idea

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone, there is still time to purchase Jessica Stover's book, Aidmheil.

If you thought it wasn't real and I was a crazy person pimping a non-existent book just to get Jessica to respond to my e-mails, well then feast your eyes on this!

And you don't need to be purchasing a copy for me. I've got an autographed version on the way. Additionally, I shall go down in history as the first person to purchase Aidmheil, about 20 seconds after the order page went up.

And if you live in the metro-DC area and are really cool, you will be interested to know that Jessica may be holding a book signing during December in the Northern Virginia area. Stay tuned for more information, here and at her site.


-s said...

Well you still need something better than "Jessica Stover's book-pimp" for your resume. Perhaps "reseller consultation and public awareness campaighner."

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You guys seem to be settling into parenthood ok. The sleepless nights will pass … (the sooner you get cereal in that baby, the longer the naps). Beautiful baby. [Bdurham]