Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stardate 59924.2 - On Cheryl's Lap

Here are some photos where Cheryl was trying to capture Loren's facial expressions. These are from Saturday before Cheryl's parents came over for a visit.

I feel like I should be discussing our eating habits in here, since Cheryl's brother Steve's blog is all about food. In case he (or anyone else) cares, last night we had Couscous with raisins and pine nuts, vegetable and tofu kabob, and chicken. Loren had breast milk.

We did take a trip out to Buy-Buy Baby yesterday (with the car) and purchased several items, to include a breast pump. I also got a foot rest that is supposed to be used to prop your feet up when breastfeeding but I'm going to use it in the "office" under the computer desk. It will replace the software box I am currently using.

Today it is snowing in New York, and we are expected to get 2-4 inches (last night they were saying one inch with snow turning to rain this morning...looks like they were off a bit). So we are glad we got our shopping done yesterday. We may not even leave the apartment today (are you reading this, John?). ;-) Posted by Picasa


BullBunky said...

I can't fathom a day WITH SNOW that I wouldn't leave the apartment. Jeff and I watched the HGTV show last night where they show how some of your Christmas store windows are I want to go see those!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

You don't have a 3-week old. Just getting out of the house involves triple the normal amount of time. Then we would be pushing a stroller through slushy snow to go where? The park to stand in more snow? To roll Loren around in the snow? In these temperatures we cannot even take her out of her stroller and its wool insert. Lifestyle changes when you have a child...particularly a very young one.

Oh, Bull Bunky. You have much to learn about birthing babies, grasshopper.

-s said...

Oh, Bull Bunky. You have much to learn about birthing babies, grasshopper.

Hell, I'd pay money to see that happen. At least $1.75 but no more than $4.22.