Friday, December 30, 2005

Stardate 59995.36 - Cingular CONTINUES TO SUCK MY ASS

Update to my experiences with the worst. cell. phone. company. ever.

Called this morning at 0709 (within their "activation hours"). After another 3 minutes of speaking to the computer, it told me once again that "we cannot help you at this time". I was prepared for this eventuality, however, and pressed zero to go to an actual person. Brian answered my call.

After ten minutes with Brian, he told me that the SIMM that was installed and shipped with my phone is bad. I could either:

A) Go to a store to get a new SIMM

B) Wait for them to ship a replacement

So I guess I'm going to a f******* store today to get a g****** m*****f****** replacement SIMM.

If you are counting, I am now at 10 calendar days (6 business days) after placing my order, which promised I'd have my working phone in "1-2 business days".


-s said...

At least your ass should be clean and fresh!

Rick Anderson said...

But this provides us with a great amount of humor!