Sunday, November 06, 2005

Captain's Log Supplemental - Aidmheil

Just noticed that Jessica has added a little something to entice you into purchasing her book:

The individuals who order the first and last pre-order books will receive something extra with their Aidmheil, as will the person who orders a secret pre-order number that I have tagged.

I, by the way, am that first person who pre-ordered her book so I'm just sittin' back here, waiting for my something special! As I posted to her site:

"Yeah, that's right, I snagged book #1. I'm the man! I rock!

Or...I lucked out and happened to be on-line when the announcement came out, and I don't rock.

I think I prefer rock'n."

Now I need to guess as to what my special prize is. Maybe it is a pair of x-ray glasses. Or a genuine faux gold chain. Or maybe, just maybe, it's my own Ninja!

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