Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stardate 59858.76 - Away Missions and Pregnancy Update

I have a friend, lets call him "John". Lets pretend that I have a link on this site to his blog. He called me yesterday and asked an interesting question - had I left the apartment all day. Now bear in mind that I telecommute from our apartment, so unlike most people I don't have to go further than our second bedroom (soon to be our child's room) to go to "work". And yesterday I decided to skip the gym in the morning, so I didn't go out to go to the gym. And it was raining yesterday evening so I didn't go out. So the answer was "No, I did not leave the apartment all day, and probably will not leave the apartment until tomorrow morning when I go to the gym." He was amazed, and commented that I was reverting to my country life and was wasting my time living in the city.

OK, couple of items of note. One, Cheryl is 9 months pregnant. She is due Sunday. So she is not terribly mobile right now, and as she is on maternity leave she is usually getting an hour or so nap in each afternoon. She is not exactly in the mood to paint the town red. Two, we cook a lot. We eat out a lot more now then when we lived in Virginia, but we still cook 3+ nights per week, and once you factor in left-overs we usually only eat out a couple of times per week. Last night we made a fantastic salsa and a pasta sauce that was out-of-this-world. Three, we have a 1,200 sq ft apartment, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. We have comfortable furniture, we are on a high floor with nice windows. We have a tiny balcony. I don't have to go "out" to see what is happening in the world, and there are many times I would prefer a quiet evening with Cheryl reading or watching TV to going out...especially on worknights. And we have enough room I don't feel trapped or penned in.

So bottom line is, yes...there are days sometimes when I don't leave the apartment, but I don't think that is a bad thing. Rarely, if ever, do I not leave on a weekend or a day off. But staying in on a weekday does not bother me.

Next Topic - T-3 Days to Due Date
Cheryl is at the doctor right now for her weekly checkup. We don't think things have progressed at all, and I'm expecting a late delivery (later than her due date of Sunday). If anything has changed (she'll call me after the appointment) then I'll post an update.

We did pack the hospital bag last night and pulled all the paperwork together that we need to take to the hospital with us, so that was one thing I could check off of the "to-do" list.


JamesF said...

A couple of things about this post demand comment.

1) You actually attribute enough value to what "John" thinks of your lifestyle to devote an entire post to it. Amazing. :-)

2) Am I the only one that sees the delicious irony in the fact that Mr "on time and responsive" is about to have a child that is arriving late? (for the humor impaired, I'm just yanking Curt's chain a bit, I only kid cause I care).

BullBunky said...

I think, in all fairness to "John", that he would never say that you are "wasting [your] time living in the city". Rather, he is unfamiliar with the concept of eating leftovers when there is a city with more resturants than days in the year. :)

Still, he sounds quite insightful. Someone I could hang out with, definitely.