Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stardate 59873.28 - Post from Cheryl Sawyer

Curt is catching up on some sleep. For the first time since we’ve been home, I am simultaneously baby-free and conscious enough to sit at the computer – not sure how, since I’ve had about an hour of sleep in the past 24. We had another long night last night. Loren had her first bout of intensive crying, likely due to the feeding difficulties we were having from my instant boob job (i.e. engorgement) yesterday. Today she and I went back down to NYU Med for the breastfeeding support group, and the lactation consultant straightened us out. With any luck things will go better tonight!

Yesterday we took advantage of the 70 degree weather to try our first outing: 3 blocks to the Children’s Place store at 68th and 3rd to pick up some long sleeve onesies. Loren is not yet doing well with clothes that have legs, rendering about 90% of her wardrobe – the footie pajama section – useless. If anyone is pondering a gift purchase from the Children’s Place, I recommend against it. Apparently all gifts bought from there are required to be returned by the receiver in a very laborious and time-consuming process. We got stuck behind two people returning gifts and buying new stuff, with only one person working the register. Meanwhile, it was about 90 degrees in the store and we had to listen to the two women in line behind us kvetching in typical Manhattan fashion about how the lack of cashiers was absolutely scandalous – only to then hear, as we were leaving, both start their transactions with “First, I need to return this one.” Here is a picture of Curt in Manhattan dad mode.

Finally, my sister-in-law pointed out that we have yet to post a picture of Loren with her eyes open. Here’s my mom holding Loren during their visit Sunday afternoon. As you can see, they carefully coordinated their outfits.

---Envoy-General Cheryl Sawyer


Eddie said...

Congratualations you guys!

rachel said...

Dad and daughter look adorable!:)