Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stardate 59876.05 - Better Night Last Night

Last night was a bit better. I probably got 5 hours of sleep or so, and was able to take a nap this afternoon for about 90 minutes. Cheryl, of course, got a bit less. I did sit outside in the living room for about 2 hours last night holding Loren so that Cheryl could get a couple of hours of solid sleep. Cheryl and I, as usual, have split the duties into roles. Whereas Cheryl is the cook and I clean up the kitchen, Cheryl provides food for the Baby and I tend to change most of the diapers. And I bring things to Cheryl once she has settled in to feed and cannot reach/get to things like burp cloths, water, magazines, pillows, baby blankets, and food.

We put her in a little PJ outfit this afternoon and she looks quite adorable, if I do say so myself. I'll try to take a picture later tonight once Cheryl is done feeding and get it posted. (The picture of me changing her above is actually from yesterday...we have not actually taken any pictures today.)

The big news in NY is the weather. It was 65 or so today as the high, but by 7 AM it will be 39 degrees. Almost a 30 degree drop in 12 hours is pretty significant. And I think the high the rest of the week will only be in the 40s. So when we take her for her check-up at the end of the week we'll have to bundle her up!

One thing that has been great is having the car closer. We used to keep it out on Roosevelt Island where it was cheaper, but we keep it about 5 blocks away now and it only takes 15 minutes to go get the car and get back to the building now, whereas it used to take 45-60 minutes to get it. If it is too cold for her appointment we can easily just get the car and drive there now.

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