Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stardate 59836.6 - T-11 Days to Baby Due Date

We are currently at T-11 days until Cheryl'’s due date. Things are going very well and I think we have all the essential items needed for the first few days back from the hospital. I'll post early pictures and information here, but once we'’re home from the hospital we'’ll set up a web site or another blog site where we will post exclusive baby content. We'll try not to be too cute and adorable. :-)

P.S. And no, Cheryl is not drinking beer while pregnant. This picture is from 2002 when I spent 4 weeks in England on business. Cheryl flew over for a long weekend. This is in a pub near Cambridge, I believe. I wanted to put some type of picture of the two of us up here and this is the first one I stumbled upon.

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