Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Captain's Log Supplemental - No, She's a Girl

It was very nice that the team I work for at the Consulting Firm where I am employed decided to send us flowers and a stuffed bear for our first child. I do appreciate the kindness of my fellow man (and woman). And while I don't want to appear ungrateful in any way, they did make a small strategic error in their purchase. As you can see from the little red wagon, "It's a Boy!".'s not. Loren is a girl. Not sure how they got confused with Loren Marcia as her first and middle names...not many boys with Marcia as a middle name I would think. And while the name "Loren" may appear to be a bit masculine, I'm pretty sure the e-mail I sent to my team specified that we were proud to announce "the birth of our daughter". Oh, well. It is the thought that counts, and it will make for a funny story over the years.

I have not gotten to take a picture of Loren yet from today as every time I grab the camera Cheryl is feeding, and it seems like every time Cheryl is not feeding I am changing a diaper today. But I did put her down on the floor to play a little this afternoon, and once we were done Magic decided that it was his turn.

It sounds like Cheryl is finished in the other room so I should go see if she needs anything.


rachel said...

No one ever said you had to be bright to be a consultant...especially at Booz!:)

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Are you referring to me or to Andy? Or to both? ;-)