Monday, November 07, 2005

Stardate 59850.4 - T-6 Days to Due Date

Cheryl and I went to Bear Mountain on Saturday and packed a picnic lunch, planning on enjoying the mild weather and nature. Apparently about 2 million other people from the city had the same idea.

After our brief stay, we then took a leisurely drive up to New Paltz, where we ate at the Gilded Otter. The Gilded Otter has fantastic beer. I had an Indian Pale Ale and a Hefeweizen Dunkles. The beer never disappoints. The food, however, seems to have taken a down-turn. I know you don'’t go here for the food, but rather for the beer, but I had very disappointing Fish -n- Chips with a paltry number of "“chips", and Cheryl had a disappointing broccoli pizza with about 4 tiny pieces of broccoli on it (but too much cheese). We first went to this place about 3 years ago and I remember the food being much, much better. Maybe it was because that time we had been hiking all day and were really, really hungry...but I don'’t think so. To add insult to injury, we ordered a slice of peanut butter pie to split for dessert, and the size of the slice was miniscule! It was the smallest slice of pie I have ever received restauranturant. It was so small, Cheryl even made a smart-ass comment to the waiter, who seemed nonplussed. Very annoying. Probably will not go back for food again. We then swung by Denise and Greg'’s to visit with them and their child Alison.

This was probably our last trip out as we are now very close to Cheryl'’s due date.

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