Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stardate 59894.57 – Gearing up for Thanksgiving in NJ

I didn’t post anything yesterday, so I figured I’d better get something up today. Cheryl and Loren are taking a nap right now, and I have an appointment to get my hair cut in about an hour, so now is a great time to get something written. I tend to get my hair cut before holidays so that I look good for pictures. Or at least, as good as I can get. And that means short hair. In high school I had really long hair, and looking back at some of those pictures I look awful. But it was the 80s, so what can you do?

Loren did sleep 4 solid hours last night without waking, followed by 2 hours of being hungry and awake. Cheryl did not end up going to the breastfeeding group at NYU Medical Center yesterday because it was cold and rainy here in NYC and we don’t have a rain shield for the stroller yet. I think she is getting a little stir-crazy, however, so she may end up getting out today with Loren for some errands. Regardless, we’re off to NJ for the day tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so Cheryl will be able to get out of the apartment for the day.

I have quite a little set-up in the living room right now, so that I can check e-mail and do a little work while I am holding Loren (and the cats, as you can see from the picture). At my boss’ suggestion I purchased a program called NaturallySpeaking, which allows you to do voice-recognition for dictation and controlling programs under Microsoft Windows. It is pretty good, but I do have some complaints…mostly that learning all the commands takes a little time. And I think I am faster using the keyboard and mouse for pretty much every task other than perhaps writing. But it does permit me to have my hands full and still work the computer, albeit a little slowly.

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