Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Captain's Log Supplemental - Halloween

In our building, you have to sign up if you want to hand out candy at Halloween. Then all the kids in the building get together at 7 PM and go as a large group from apartment to apartment, visiting everyone who offered up themselves as a target...I mean host...for candy distribution. Cheryl and I have always been away or out on Halloween, except for this year. But we forgot to sign up. Which is alright, because we didn't have any candy anyway. Ah, life in the big city.

When I went out to take the picture above (the gourds are by the elevators down the hall from us), Magic ran out and posed with the neighbor's Halloween decorations. I think he is eyeing their bowl of candy and trying to figure out if he ate the entire bowl could he still get back into our apartment under his own power.

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