Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stardate 61288.43 - My Cousin is Having a Baby!

Well, actually his girlfriend Natalia is. You may remember that he asked for a shout-out in my blog on a previous date, and when they made this announcement he told me they would like for me to mention their news here as well.

They had their first sonogram at the beginning of April and they are really excited. I understand that Natalia is doing great - she is suffering from the normal effects like fatigue and nausea but she's a trooper. Justin is doing awesome, the nausea has passed, fatigue is a non-factor, but he is having trouble fitting into his jeans - luckily they are working through it. ;-)

This makes him the last of the 6 cousins in the sameish age bracket to be expecting.

Best wishes to Justin and Natalia!!

And for Cheryl, Loren, and me it is T-34 hours until our departure for St. Martin for vacation!!


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