Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stardate 61324.16 - Vacation Day Eight

On Monday we had breakfast at the hotel and then went to the Baby Beach again. On our way back for lunch we stopped at Orient Beach, which was pretty crowded with people and shops and beach bars. It did have one advantage our beach did not, however, and that was a long, long stretch of sand suitable for a long beach walk. Monday was really hot, humid, and still however and Loren was getting a little grumpy so we didn't stay too long.

We stopped at a hilltop resturant for lunch, which overlooked Orient Bay and the Baby Beach. The food was really good for a place that seemed a little run-down and where we were the only customers for lunch. The views were also pretty good.

After Loren's nap we went back to the pool for more fun with Loren's boat.

Since it was Monday again it was time for the Manager's reception. We stopped off for rum punch and snacks before heading out to dinner.

For dinner we went to Hibiscus, a very nice restaurant run by a couple of Italians. It had probably the best food of any place we ate at, and that is really saying something because we never had a bad meal the entire time we were on the island. We highly, highly, highly recommend this place if you are ever on St. Martin.

Unfortunately, we really didn't get to enjoy dinner. Before the appetiser even arrive, Loren threw up all over the floor and the wheels on her stroller (we had been using the stroller for her as there was no high chair), and she also managed to hit Cheryl's skirt (dry clean only). For the entire meal Cheryl and I took turns pushing her up and down the street in the fresh air while the other one of us ate (the resturant had no carry-out containers and the meal was not cheap so we were not willing to pay for food we couldn't eat and immediately leave).

Once Cheryl was done with the main course she took Loren back to the hotel while I ate my meal. The chef's wife (who was the waitress for the evening) was very understanding and even offered to have her babysitter (who was watching their daughter for the night while they ran the restaurant) look after Loren so we could eat, but we didn't know if Loren's vomiting was a prelude to additional vomiting or if she was going to get even sicker.

Luckily, Loren did not throw up again and as I'll mention in the next post we just took it easy on Tuesday and she recovered very quickly.

So if you are in St. Martin, please eat at Hibiscus but leave your young children with a babysitter.


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