Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stardate 61322.12 - Vacation Day Five

On Friday we once again ate the breakfast at the hotel. While we were out in Grand Case on Thursday night we purchased Loren a little surprise for her to use at the Baby Beach - an inflatable boat!

She loved the boat!

She loved the boat so much, she wanted to use it inside the room!

Speaking of the room, I took a few shots of our room to share. The main door opened into the kitchen, dining room, living room combo which had a door out to a patio and the beach. There was also a full bath just off the entrance.

The bedroom was a separate room, also with a sliding glass door off to the patio and the beach, and it also had a full bath.

Here is the view from our living room patio door.

And if you just step outside onto the patio this is the view.

We had our doubts about being on the ground floor when we checked in, but it really turned out to be the best thing with Loren. And it was so hot, even at night, that we kept the A/C on all the time in the room.

So on Thursday we did the Baby Beach in the morning, followed by lunch in our room. During Loren's nap I took a kayak out for 40 minutes and paddled around all the sailboats anchored near the hotel. After her nap we went to the pool with her boat, and for dinner we went to Spiga.

Spiga was really good, but Loren had a bit of a meltdown in the restaurant (which does not have high chairs) and we had to strap her into her stroller just so we could finish our meals - which we had to do in a hurry. We had to skip dessert to get her back to the hotel before she made even more of a spectacle of herself than she already had done. I felt like I was chugging my wine to finish as quickly as possible.

This night was really the beginning of the end of Loren's tolerance for going out to dinner - made even more annoying by the lack of high-chairs at almost every place we ate at for the rest of the vacation. But more on that in subsequent posts...


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