Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stardate 61324.26 - Vacation Day Ten

Wednesday morning was beautiful, and I took a few shots out to Creole Rock from the restaurant during breakfast.
Here is the view back to our patio from the small sitting area above the beach.

At first Loren didn't like the hammock, but I think it grew on her a little.

After breakfast we went to Baby Beach for the last time. Loren let us know when she was ready to go by going to the car and saying "bye bye sand". She fell asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel but transferred into her stroller with no problem. While she napped I went out for another kayak trip to see the sailboats.

Cheryl signed up for a snorkling trip, but she was the only person who signed up so the instructor asked if they could go at 1 PM and not 2 PM and that she'd have a private lesson. So after I got back from my kayak trip we had lunch at the Sunset Cafe and we both had the mussels and fries (which were fantastic!).

Loren woke up from her nap so we asked for the high chair so she would be contained during the meal.

Cheryl had a great time snorkeling while Loren and I hung out together. Then we spent the afternoon packing up for our flight out on Thursday. For dinner we took our last trip into Grand Case and ate at Sky's The Limit again, as we had on Sunday. Loren was fine while she was eating, but got extremely tired of sitting and we ended up having to ask for the food to go.

There was a beautiful sunset as we arrived back at our hotel.

Once Loren went to bed we finished packing so that we'd be ready to roll in the morning after breakfast.



JamesF said...

I think if you take picture 855 and crop it a bit and play around with it that could be a fantastic sunset shot.

ac said...

i've been looking for a sunset picture to use as my background on my dual 21" flat panel monitors here at work...this works great (plus, i was about to complain how stupid clouds are getting in the way of the sunset, until i saw this pic).

good show!