Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stardate 61322.08 - Vacation Day Four

After breakfast on Thursday the 19th Loren moved on to her favorite activity - going up and down stairs.

Once she tired of that, we went to Galion Beach, also known as "Baby Beach". The water is very shallow and very still, so it is perfect for babies and very young children. Once Loren saw how much fun the children on the floating platform were having, she decided she wanted to go in.

She had so much fun we could barely get her to come out of the water!

Once we went back to the hotel, ate lunch in the room, and Loren had her nap we finally went up to check out the hotel pool. Loren also enjoyed being in the pool.

After the pool we took a stroll on the beach.

Then we went out for dinner in Grand Case. Grand Case has a huge number of restaurants, all within walking distance of our hotel. We ate at L'Entracte Creperie and not only did they have a high-chair, but the crepes were quite good. The Neutella dessert crepe was exceptional.

Even Dora the Explorer enjoyed the evening!


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