Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stardate 61322.04 - Vacation Day Three

On Wednesday the 18th we went to the Zoo, in an effort to keep sand and lotion out of Loren's eye. By the end of the day her eye was fine, so our plan was a success. The Zoo is named "St. Maarten Park" and is on the Dutch side of the island. Loren had a great time, although the heat got to her by the end and she was ready to go.

There was an elevated boardwalk through part of the Zoo and Loren ran from end to end at least 3 times. I think she liked doing that more than seeing the animals.

For lunch we went back to Grand Case and ate at the Callmos Cafe. It was a bar on the beach and the burger topped with goat cheese was fantastic!

Loren was a little spastic at Lunch but fell asleep on the way back to the hotel. The sign showed us how far away we were from home. Behind me is the second beach belonging to our hotel. It was pretty small and the water was actually pretty rough in the afternoon - so rough the water sports guy wasn't letting anyone take the kayaks out.

For dinner we put Loren in a dress and went to Il Nettuno in Grand Case. It was a really good Italian restaurant with extremely attentive and fantastic staff - AND they had a high-chair for Loren!! The picture below is from the garden area at our hotel.

And this is the restaurant, and our view of the sunset. As you can see, we were right on the beach.


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