Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stardate 61324.08 - Vacation Day Six

On Saturday we realized that if we were only staying a week we'd be getting ready to pack up for our return to the States, but since we decided to make the trip an 11-day adventure, we still had a significant amount of time remaining.

After breakfast at the hotel we went into Marigot, the capitol of St. Martin, and hiked up to Ft. Louis (or at least what is left of Ft. Louis). The views from the top of the hill were impressive - my photos don't do them justice, especially with the overcast day.

We were tired and thirst after the steep climb up to the top, so we walked around the marina for a while and stopped at a small cafe to have some ice cream and cold drinks.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Match again to stock up on more groceries since we had been eating lunch almost every day in the hotel room (which was a nice prelude to Loren's nap each day). After a nice lunch of fresh bread and cheese (and a Carib or two), we just hung out in the room as the afternoon proceeded to get more and more cloudy and rain looked imminent.

Since the threat of rain seemed pretty real (although it never actually rained) we ate dinner at the Sunset Cafe attached to the hotel. While lunch was pretty good on Monday, we felt it was overpriced for the food. Dinner, however, was fantastic. I had mussels and fries and they were go good we both had them for lunch the following Wednesday.

Since Loren was showing less and less interest in sitting still during dinners (once she was done eating), we finally asked if they had a high chair and to our surprise they said "yes". It made us wish we'd been asking for one at breakfast all this time (although it seemed to be so much trouble for them to drag it out that we only asked for it once more, for lunch on Wednesday).


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