Friday, April 27, 2007

Stardate 61320.19 - Vacation Day Two

On Tuesday we had the complimentary continental breakfast at the Sunset Cafe at the hotel. The coffee was excellent (and I've had a headache all day today due to caffeine withdrawal), and it came with bread and pastries. Loren was alright about sitting in the restaurant (they didn't seem to have a high-chair, although later we found out that they did have one, they just didn't offer it - perhaps because she was pretty well behaved the first few days).

We then spent the rest of the morning on the beach.

Loren continued to rub her eye, and in fact it looked pretty bad by the afternoon so Cheryl took advantage of my international blackberry package through Cingular to call our pediatrician just to make sure we shouldn't be worried. She told us what to look for, and by Wednesday Loren was fine.

After making and eating lunch in our room (and a nap for Loren) we went back onto the beach for some more time in the sun. Loren was having some difficulty adjusting to the trip, the sand, and the beach and was pretty grumpy the first few days. By Thursday she was loving it, but I'll get to that in a later post. We also started hearing the goats that occupied the hill behind the hotel, bleating (or whatever goats do) during the day. Some days nothing, but other days they were surprisingly loud (we really could only hear them from the parking lot).

That evening we took our first walk into Grand Case and found the Bar-B-Q (Lolo) places where the food and beer were good and inexpensive. We liked a different place we discovered later in the week better than the Tuesday night place, so I'll talk more about the Lolos in that post. I took some sunset pictures from the Lolo stands before we went back to the hotel for the evening.



JamesF said...

Curt: and I've had a headache all day today due to caffeine withdrawal

I thought you were off the sauce. When did you get back on the caffeine wagon?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Europe doesn't do decaf, so as the saying goes, "When in Rome...". The reason I had the headache yesterday is that I went cold turkey once we were back in NYC.