Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stardate 61324.11 - Vacation Day Seven

On Sunday (the 22nd) we awoke to a very overcast morning, and since we were going through laundry a bit quicker than expected (especially for Loren) we did a load of laundry at the hotel ($6) in the morning, along with some pool and beach time (after breakfast, of course). We then had lunch in the room, and as the sun came out we decided to do a little driving to check out some other beaches. We first went to Friar's Bay. It was pretty crowded, parking was not fun, and it made us glad we had the small, but semi-private beach at our resort.

We then drove up to Pic Paradise where we were greeted by an expansive parking area...

and detailed informational/directional signage...

The view was nice, but it was still not a terribly clear day so the pictures are not that great.

After Loren's nap we went to another Lolo place, Sky's the Limit, which was even better than the first Lolo we went to Tuesday night. We liked it so much that we returned on our last evening (Wednesday) to eat there again.


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