Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Captain's Log supplemental - Crib and Cats

I mentioned (I think) that the crib arrived and we put it together. We still need to get a few things for it, like a mattress, but it looks pretty cool:

Squirt had to go to the vet today for a dental cleaning. She also chipped one of her fangs about 6 months ago or so, and the vet wanted to take another look at it. Turns out it was starting to get infected, so he had to remove it. Also turns out that her teeth were fine so no dental cleaning was necessary. I guess that is the price you pay to keep healthy cats. We got her just after we were married so she is approaching 10 years of age. I have to go pick her up from the vet this afternoon after she has recovered. Here she is in her usual pose on the couch.

And ever since we got the new rug for the dining "room", this has become one of Magic's favorite poses:

They have very, very different personalities. Squirt cannot stand anyone but Cheryl or me, while Magic always enjoys being out and about when we have people over. The doorbell rings and Squirt heads for under the bed, and Magic trots over to the door to see who it is. And we have had Squirt since she was a tiny kitten, so I'm not sure why she is so afraid of everyone but us. She will occasionally come out for a quick visit as a party is dying down, but will make a hasty retreat if anyone moves suddenly. And no-one but Cheryl and me can touch her. Anyone else gets a whack from her right paw (or both front paws if they persist). But she is very nice and sweet and loves to sit on our laps in front of the TV or on the bed (especially in winter).

Cats are cool. My sister has dogs, which is fine on her mini-farm, but cats are cool for the city.

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