Friday, October 28, 2005

Stardate 59823.69 - Ethan and Ellie

Since Steve (brother-in-law) complained that in the next post the picture of the entertainment center (which Cheryl and Andy [other brother-in-law] and I finished back when Cheryl and I lived in Vienna, VA and Andy was co-oping at my company and was staying with us)...and now I've lost my point. Oh, yes, Steve was complaining that there were no framed pictures of Ellie and Ethan (his kids) on the entertainment center. I had to tell him that the picture of the entertainment center is about 2.5 years old and therefore could have no pictures of his kids on it as they weren't born yet. Other clues that the picture is old include the VCR, the fact that the cable box is not a DVR, and the 900MHz cordless phone in the corner. Also the DS9 DVD box is out, and I finished re-watching all 7 seasons of DS9 about a year ago.

To make a long story even longer, in order to make Steve happy I've posted a couple of pictures here of me and Cheryl with Ethan and Ellie when we were visiting on vacation a couple of months ago (pictures are from a park in Salem, OR). Now you, faithful reader, can click on the link over on the right to go visit Steve's food blog where you can learn all about where and what to eat in Salem.

And here is your subliminal message to go buy a copy of Aidmheil.


-s said...

Thank you! First time day I have laughed out loud :)

-s said...

First time all day even. Jeese my grammar is terrible.