Friday, October 14, 2005

Stardate 59785.11 - Baby Names

People keep asking us about what names we have selected. Cheryl has been very hesitant to actually produce a list, as people are free with advice before you actually assign the name to the child. No-one thinks twice about telling you that your name is crap before the birth, but people generally bite their tongues after the name is actually affixed to the child. So while we have a few names bouncing around, we're keeping them to ourselves until the big day.

But we will have our name finalized by the time we need it. In our child birth classes at NYU Medical they said that if you do not have a name when they are completing the paperwork that they officially name your kid "babyboy " or "babygirl " and that you have to go to court to have it legally changed. So that's a deadline we won't want to miss.

Relative: "What a cute baby girl!"

Me: "Exactly".

Relative: "What's her name?"

Me: "Babygirl".

Relative: "Yes, the baby girl"

Me: "Exactly but no 'the'".

Relative: "Nothee? That's not her name, is it? What's her name?"

Me: "Babygirl".

Relative: "Of course the babygirl, who else would I be asking about?"

Me: "Babygirl".

Relative: "Exactly, what's the babygirl's name?"

Me: "Not what, babygirl".

Relative: "The name!?!?"

Me: "Babygirl".


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