Monday, October 10, 2005

Stardate 59773.76 - Baby Class

Cheryl and I spent most of the weekend in childbirth classes at NYU Medical Center. We went over everything from breathing during labor/delivery to bathing the baby to breastfeeding. Tonight we have an intensive breastfeeding class for 3 hours. I wish I had brought the camera as all of the life-like dolls lined up for us to practice bathing and diapering on looked quite freakish all lined up on the table. There were about 16 people total in the class and we even got to tour labor/delivery and the floor where you go once everything is over. I think Cheryl knew most everything they went over from all the reading she has been doing, but some of it was new to me. Getting the outfit on the doll with all the snaps and everything was hard enough...I'm sure it will be even more painful on an actual, moving child. Overall, it was beneficial and I'm glad we did it. With all the emphasis on the fact that 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after your due date is considered "on time", Cheryl and I began to get nervous about our lack of baby supplies. While we got a bunch of stuff at the shower, and we have purchased some items on our own, we are still short several critical the mattress for the crib. I think this weekend we are just going to have to go and purchase a bunch of stuff off the registry, just so we are ready.

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