Monday, October 10, 2005

Captain's Log supplemental - D&D Movie Review

I watched the D&D Movie on SciFi over the weekend. I had low, low expectations as the D&D Movie that was released in the theater several years ago sucked, sucked, sucked in a huge way. I was somewhat surprised in that the movie on SciFi was ok. Not great, but not awful. The special effects were what you would expect for a TV fantasy movie, and the acting was below average to average. For D&D fans, it is probably worth adding to your TiVo or DVR and watching when you are sitting around looking for something to do. I doubt I'll be getting it on DVD.

The biggest coolness factor with the movie is that it actually used monsters and character classes and races from D&D. Everything from a litch to magmen to orcs to elves were in the movie. If you looked closely you may even have caught a halfling or a dwarf in the background on a couple of shots.

And now, a warning. The start is very lame as the bad guy recounts his own history, motivations, etc. Very boring and not a great start at all. It is the same actor as the #2 evil guy from the first D&D movie. The rogue is one of the best characters in my opinion, and yet as an actor I think this is his first effort...there is nothing on him on IMDB.

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